My name is Janine. I was born and raised in Mannheim, which is called `New York`s German Twin`.
What both cities probably have in common is the huge range of all different kinds of people from all over the world with very different styles living in it. And that might be what inspired me most- the diversity in its population and my wish to help these people to show their personality on their skin. To me that is what tattooing means: Expressing yourself!
I used to work in a popular studio as a piercer from 2002- 2017 and then started tattooing there until the opening of our own tattoo shop. Ever since then I focus on making your lives more colorful and help you brighten up your bodies and mind (but, being a little selfish, also mine. I love to tattoo all kinds of Oldschool stuff, especially really colorful themes, but I am totally open minded when it comes to new ideas and challenges.